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Palladium boots are now in stock at Silvermans.
These classic canvas and rubber boots have a long history associated with the military, dating back to 1947, and well before that making aircraft tyres.

Palladium boots are the ideal tough, go anywhere, comfortable, durable, breathable,  lightweight footwear and fit right into our military grade range of products.
palladium pama hi multicam boots
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They are up-to-the-minute in terms of styling and have had collaboration with Alpha Industries, amongst others. We think the look is great!

Multicam versions are available at Silvermans for a limited period until stocks are sold, as these are not currently in production and cannot be replaced. Other colours are coming online as stocks arrive. For further info, please call 02077 900 900 or refer to our website.


Brief History of Palladium
January 1920

Palladium manufactures aircraft tires to support the needs of the growing aviation industry. By layering canvas bands under vulcanized rubber tires, Palladium introduces a next-level technology that positions the brand as the largest aircraft tire supplier in Europe.


January 1947

As World War II ends and the demand for aircraft tires decreases, Palladium uses its canvas and rubber resources to open its first footwear factory in Pont-de-Chéruy, France. Palladium used their expertise to make boots that were as hard wearing as their tires. The boots were so comfortable and durable that they were adopted by the legendary French Foreign Legion.

January 1960

Palladium is widely adopted by explorers in Europe as the footwear of choice for extreme conditions. French volcanologist and geologist Haroun Tazieff even wore them throughout his volcanic expeditions!

January 1990

Discovered by the grunge and rave scenes, the iconic Pampa boot becomes a fashionable look on a global scale. Palladium sells over one million pairs of boots in a year.


The updated manufacturing process enables the brand to develop boots using modern fabrics and materials building a new line of boots for modern day explorers.


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