Environmental and Social Policy Statement

At Silvermans Limited, we are committed to working in a sustainable and socially responsible way. This statement represents our general position in respect of environmental and social policy issues and reflects our aims and the principles that we will apply in conducting our business. The key points to achieve this are:

- Reduce our consumption of resources and improve efficiency in the use of these resources.
- Manage waste generated from our business operations according to the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling.
- Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice.
- Raise awareness and encourage employee participation in an environmentally aware culture so that we all work in accordance with this policy statement.
- Monitor our progress and review our performance annually, particularly as the business changes in nature and size.
- A commitment to continuous improvement.

In particular we aim to focus our efforts on the following:

Recycling & Packaging:

- Incoming cardboard and other packaging materials to be reused wherever possible for outgoing packaging and internal storage.
- Excess cardboard packaging to be sent to local authority recycling depot where practicable.
- All packaging used in the shop and for mail order to be kept to a minimum.
- All printing to be double sided where possible.
- Scrap paper to be used for drafts and notes.
- Used printer cartridges to be recycled.


- Employees to be encouraged to use public transport wherever possible.
-Employees to be encouraged to cycle to work wherever possible, with the provision of secure bicycle storage.
- Where possible, car sharing is encouraged.
- Use of a small and fuel efficient van which is serviced regularly.
- Promote the use of sea freight rather than air freight, for overseas imports, where practicable.

Energy & Water:

- Heating and/or air conditioning to be set by timer.
- All lighting, non-essential electrical appliances and computers to be switched off overnight.
- Energy saving light bulbs to be fitted where fittings permit.
- Water supply to be turned off overnight.

Social/Community Responsibility:

- Deal responsibly, openly and fairly with employees and potential employees.
- Promote a safe and healthy working environment.
- Promote equal opportunities in the workplace and will not tolerate discrimination.
- Support local charities with both financial donations and goods.
- All donations received for our free catalogue passed to local charities.
- Support members of both the armed services and emergency services by offering a discount to serving officers with appropriate identification.
- Ensure that we deal openly, honestly and fairly with our customers and suppliers.
- Listen to our customers to help us improve the products and services we offer to them.


We would ask our customers and suppliers to respect this policy and to, wherever possible, assist us in our endeavour to act responsibly to support our community and protect our environment.