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The latest Mission Impossible movie Fallout - released Summer 2018 - features a CWC mechanical stopwatch selected as it was the ideal stopwatch for Tom Cruise to hold whilst timing a critical sequence in the movie.

The movie is action from end to end with great stunts, together with a full-screen shot of the CWC mechanical 60 minute timer - Swiss-made, high quality stopwatch.

CWC has been making stopwatches for military and commercial use since the 1970s. Every news room in the country used CWC or similar mechanical stopwatches and probably many are still in use.

Hundreds were supplied to the BBC and ITV, together with CWC mechanical chronographs for reporters.

Made to order according to customers' requirements.

The image shown here is our photo; you will have to watch the movie to see Tom Cruise in action holding the CWC stopwatch. See a History of CWC.


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Silvermans specialises in heavy duty motorcycle footwear, and Altberg boots certainly fit into that category. From their Bahn Rider tall touring boots to their round the world comfort on / off bike Hogg all-weather boot, there is something to suit most styles of riding.

Altberg are made to the highest quality and provide excellent durability and protection. The Clubman is issued to Met and other police forces.

We keep most sizes in stock and welcome customers to come and try them.

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